Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Upfest 2013

I'm really looking forward to Upfest again this year (25-27 May). There's some pretty amazing street art in Bristol and it's a great opportunity to watch artists in action. This piece on North Street catches my eye every time I walk past. Love the angst.

Cordelia Hutchinson

Cordelia Hutchinson's oil paintings are on display in Cafe Grounded this month. You really get a sense of the elements, the warm summer grass and the air in the trees from her beautiful work.

Queen's Square

Jungle Animals @ the City Farm

I've been a big fan of Barry Lewis' recycled animal sculptures for a while so I was really pleased to spot a few of his pieces dotted around Windmill Hill City Farm.

Bedminster Bugs

We love the Mary Portas inspired Bugs of Bedminster, particularly this one outside the Tobacco Factory. I'm just not sure how far they'll go towards regenerating Bedminster high street??

That John Sebastian again

I've just spotted another illustration of the John Sebastian by Alice Coutin. I love the fairy tale aspect of this.

John Sebastian

I always take the route through the Bathurst Basin on my way into town to see the bobbing boats and my favourite, the John Sebastian Lightship. It's also a great venue for a drink in the cruising club bar.