Monday, 17 June 2013

Obvious Pop

It was a great opening night to Horace Panter, bassist of The Specials', exhibition in the cool location of the The Square Gallery last Thursday.

Curated by 1loveart, the exhibition had a very apt name; Obvious pop. With pieces that included the iconic McDonalds and Coca-Cola branding the show had an anti-capitalist feel. There was also a strong musical influence to Panter’s work, with images of cassettes and montages dedicated to musicians such as BB King and Bo Diddley.

Panter describes himself as the luckiest guy in the world; a touring musician and an artist when he’s home, something I’d have to agree with.

DJ Derek accompanied the opening night which was a real treat.
The Square Gallery is open daily from 11am - 10pm. Obvious Pop will run until September 2013.

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  1. Thank you for attending the Private View, very glad to hear that you enjoyed the evening!

    We have to say we are slightly envious of Horace also, it doesn't sound like a bad life!

    We will be holding a Private View for the artist exhibiting from September - would love to invite you back. If you are interested then please email and I will add you to our list of contacts!

    Kind thanks!