Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Big Park Draw 2013

This is not the luckiest project of the summer with some strong winds during their first Saturday draw and some pretty heavy showers during the second!

This didn't stop the fun however...I'd forgotten how relaxing it is to sit and draw in the great outdoors. A big thank you to the team who run this event. There were people from young to old having a go at putting on paper the sights of the park or anything else that came into their minds.

Fingers crossed for some calmer weather for the third big park draw on 6 July 10.30 - 5pm. You'll find the event in the gazebo next to Mrs Brown's Cafe.

(Photos by local photographer David Smith)

My attempt!


  1. Hi Emily, lovely to see your drawing up here! I recognised it from an image search. Hope you'll be at the next one too...

  2. Is this the Big Draw 2013 event?